Some very sad TV…

This post is about a dodgy countdown shows. You know what I mean. “100 greatest” and all that. The shows you normally end up watching on New Years, after the Father Ted special. (This cow is small, this cow is far away!)

To be honest though, this one wasn’t too bad. “100 greatest gadgets”. Fairly sad I know, but it can’t be helped. The man with the posh voice, whats-his-name Stephen Fry presented it. Badly. But the show itself wasn’t too bad. There was your iPad, you iPod, your iRon (get it?) and any other “i”s you can think of. But only two things really caught my attention. Out of one hundred. Says a lot doesn’t it?

Number one was a fancy apple-peeler. Not the flashiest of things, but one of those things you see and you say “Wow! If I had that it would make my cooking life so much easier!” When really all that would happen, is that you wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use the thing. Then when trying to make the damn thing work, you’d twist something too hard and it would break. Let’s face it, this has happened to everybody at some point. Or maybe it hasn’t, and I’m just clumsy. But moving on…

The second gadget that caught my attention is PURE GENIUS!

 It’s called a teasmade, and it is amazing. Basically, it’s an alarm-clock that makes you tea. How amazing is that?! That means you can have tea in bed when you wake up, without yelling at your mum to bring you up a cuppa. It’s a win for everyone!


How it works is, you fill up the little kettle and bring up a teabag before you go to bed. In the morning, when the alarm goes off, the kettle will boil, and all you have to do is pour the water into a teabag. It helps if the teabag is in a cup. I cannot stress this enough…

So until next time just remember:

The teasmade is perhaps one of the greatest products ever invented, and Jazz hands make everything better.


6 thoughts on “Some very sad TV…

  1. I bought the apple peeler/corer/slicer after seeing this show the first time round, because we had a HUGE apple crop this year. (Pity about the rest of the garden, but there you go.) It works really well and we now have a freezer full of nicely sliced apples.

  2. You’re about half a century late, aren’t you? Teasmades have been and gone. And possibly made a come-back, by the sound of it.
    Come on! You’re young. Not some elderly middle-aged unfashionable type. Even I don’t have one and never did.
    iFry is lovely. Is he too old for you?
    Agree about programmes in general.

  3. I have no idea why they died out. It’s such a good idea! I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have a teasmade…
    And as for the apple peeler, it actually looked very nice…

  4. Cynical, I forgot to chastise you regarding this idea that mothers can be shouted at for cups of tea. That’s not what they are for.
    Jeyna, Daughter sleeps with Stephen Fry and Harry Potter every night. Can’t sleep without them.

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