An apology and some hilarious cruelty…

Ok so first up it’s the apology.

I am sorry for not blogging on Saturday (January 7) I was away, and had no access to a computer. I use the term “away” very loosely though. It was more of a long drive, dinner out, and a long drive home. I’m not complaining though, because I love long drives, they are an excellent opportunity to catch up on some reading. And the dinner was delicious (turkey and ham!). But the point of this long, rambling paragraph was to apologize, so here goes:

I’m sorry.

That was hard, but now it’s behind me I can get onto the hilarious cruelty. Which didn’t actually hurt anybody, just their pockets and their pride. It also possibly changed their principles, but that’s not a main point so I’ll leave it be.

Basically, it all comes down to a quiz show called “Bank Run”, or something like that. The build up was as normal, with people winning money, but the final was hilarious. There were two people in the final, one sickening man, who was just one of those people who you can’t help but hate. The other finalist was a rather dim man, who only reached the final through two lucky questions (both about sport). There were also three contestants who had been previously knocked out. Two unremarkables, and a Lady who deserved to be in the final. She had answered all her questions correctly, she had just got on the wrong side of a “steal” box, courtesy of finalist number one, the sickening man.

It was the layout of the final that made it funny though. There was no questions involved, just trust. Yes, trust. Each finalist was given two suitcases, one filled with half of the prize money, the other filled with rubbish. They were each allowed to check which of their suitcases was which, but they weren’t told about their opponents. Then came the twist.

They had to give one of their suitcases to the other finalist.

The one with the rubbish, or the one with half of the cash. If each gave the other half the cash, they each got to keep half the cash. If one gave the other the cash, the person who got the cash, got all the money. And here comes the other twist.

If they both give each other rubbish, they get nothing, and the cash gets split between the other three contestants. In this case the two unremarkables, and the woman-who-should-have-won.

And believe it or not that’s what happened. Yes, they both chose to be heartless and untrustworthy, and gave each other rubbish.

The looks on their faces was hilarious!

Of course the other contestants were delighted. But the highlight of the show was the dejected ad angry looks on the finalist’s faces. PURE TV GOLD!

This was what TV was invented or. To see people get humiliated, and put in their place. Don’t even try to deny it, you know it’s true. TV these days is all about humiliation, and just (or unjust) desserts. You’ve got you “I’m a Celebrity”, your “X-Factor and any other reality show you care to mention. Or care to be too embarrassed to mention, so in that case you can cringe to yourself. I won’t judge. Or maybe I will. I’ll see how I feel.

That’s about it so until next time just remember:

TV is degrading, and Jazz hands make everything better…


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