2013, the year of reviewing…

So it’s been a year since I created this blog. And it’s been a learning curve.

The first few months I posted a lot of bad quality posts about irrelevant things. Since then, I like to think I’ve posted less frequent, but overall better posts. At least I hope so anyway. And then somewhere in October I stopped posting for some reason. I mean I have several drafts of posts, I just never posted them. And as a result of this, this blog has been completely inactive for the last two and a half months.

So this is what I’d like to fix. And I even have a vague plan, about how to fix it.

Basically, I made up this thing called “The 52 review challenge” which is fairly self-explanatory. In 2013, I’m going to try to review 52 things. I’d like to think that it’ll work out at one review a week, but that’s bit optimistic… It’ll probably turn out to be mostly books, with a few movies thrown in, and maybe some other things as well. But mostly books, that’s a definite.

So that’s my plan for the next year, and I hope it works out.

So until the first review, have a great new year.


One thought on “2013, the year of reviewing…

  1. Ah, The Challenge! If the going gets too tough, remember that if it is well written, none of us (shut up, you two at the back!) will object to a well written single paragraph on yesterday’s school dinner. What the dog did. (It helps if you have dog.) Or the weather.

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