I may or may not be suffering withdrawal symptoms from the Internet.

Having recently left the city behind me, and embraced the country life, I find myself being able to go online a lot less.

It may be because of the fresh air, and the scenery, the people, or the atmosphere.

Or it may not. Well actually, I know it’s not. There is simply no wi-fi here.

And it is quite annoying.

It just goes to show exactly how much the use of the Internet is ingrained onto our everyday lives.

For example, I was watching Olympic swimming the other day (possibly the highlight of my Summer). While watching, I found myself wondering what Twitter had to say about the races. Was Twitter sad about Phelps only getting silver in the 200fly? Or was Twitter a Le Clos fan? Was Twitter supporting Adlington, like most of the crowd seemed to be? Or was Twitter rooting for Ledecky?

Without the Internet, I couldn’t tell. I didn’t have a clue what was going on in the world of social networks. And I’m ashamed to say it bothered me.

I consider myself a reader. I value books more than the Internet or music.

So I didn’t expect myself to be missing the Internet, at least not surrounded by all my books.

But as unexpected as it was, it happened. I miss the Internet. I miss Twitter, I miss WordPress, I miss Leakynews, I miss Youtube, I (to a lesser extent) miss Facebook.

I miss being able to read the blogs I follow. I miss not being able to catch up on my Youtube subscriptions. I miss the latest casting news, the latest online news, the latest anything, to be honest.

But to be completely honest, there’s nothing I can do about it.

And yes, this was a very long and drawn out way of saying, I have no access to the Internet, and therefore, I can’t post as regularly as I’d like to.

Sorry about, but the nearest library (where I am currently sitting) is a twenty minute drive away, and there are no buses, so I have to rely on lifts.

So yeah, sorry about that.

See this? I don’t have this…


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