Why I have suddenly decided to watch Batman

This just screams “DUN DUN DUN!”

As you have probably ascertained from the title of this throw-together post, I have decided to watch Batman. Not just the new one, all three of them. I have not watched them before, and I was not planning on suddenly watching them before the release of The Dark Knight Rises. But I have suddenly had a change of heart. And I have only a small idea why…


Reason one – The new one looks really good.

I mean really good. The ads I’ve seen for it on TV have been (I think) aimed at the Batman fan, the fan who has been looking forward to this movie. This means it only has brief shots of the action, shows some of the prominent characters, and has a few “It’s the ending” (etc) captions. That’s great if you’re already planning on seeing the movie, and if you’re going to see it no matter what. But what if you don’t know Batman? This sort of advertising is not going to convince me to see this film.

However, the other day I went to see “The Amazing Spiderman” in the cinema, and the cinema ad for The Dark Knight Rises was a lot better. For one thing, I know what the movie is going to be about. I know (or at least have glimpsed) the villain and the hero, rather than just a few action shots. This ad has actually convinced me that I want to see this film. Well actually to see the three films. I haven’t seen any of them, so before I see the new one, I’ll have to catch up on the story, just to have a brief bit of knowledge about who everybody is, and what’s going on.

I don’t think I’ve heard a bad review of the new movie. I’ve talked to people who went to midnight showings (etc) and they all said it was amazing, and they could not find one fault with Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece. They are all normal (To a point) people, not critics, and if they say it’s good, it must be good.

Reason 2 – I’m in a superhero mood

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I recently went and saw “The Amazing Spiderman”, the new Spiderman movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and directed by Marc Webb. And it was brilliant. I can’t fault this movie, apart from thinking one part of the storyline was a tad stupid. The villain found out who Spiderman was because he labelled his camera. That is just about one of the stupidest reveals I have ever seen.

I mean really!?

But all in all The Amazing Spiderman was exactly what it says on the tin : Amazing. It had everything, an actual plot (Which is more than I can say for some Superhero movies), good actors, and a girlfriend who does more than look pretty and get kidnapped.

So needless to say, this has put me in quite a superheroy (I’m making that a word) mood. And there is only one thing that I want to do right now… And that is see the new Batman movie. Which of course includes watching the first two Batman movies, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. And that is exactly what I shall do!

With a poster like this, how can this trilogy not be good?

Reason 3 – The shooting

We’ve all heard about the recent shooting at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora in Colorado. During one of the action scenes a heavily armed man came into the theatre wearing a gas mask, set off canisters of an unknown gas opened fire on the viewers. 12 people were killed, and 59 others were injured in this horrific event. I kind of feel now that I should see this movie. These people lost their lives seeing this movie, and I now feel that when I see the Dark Knight Rises, it will be for those people. It will be my acknowledgement of what happened. So to all the victims of this tragic shooting, Rest In Peace.

So that is why I shall finally be watching the Batman trilogy. Will you be watching it? If not why not?


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