That one book

That one book. That one book you read that one time, and that stuck with you for a lifetime. That one book that completely changed your outlook on life. That one book that made you laugh, and made you cry. That one powerful book, that no other book will ever stand up against. Or that one series. Or that one trilogy. That one piece of literature, that will never be comparable to anything, and can’t be overshadowed by anything.


If you know what I’m talking about, a book just popped into your head. It may not be a well-known book, it may not be a bestseller, it may not be a classic, and it may not ever be. But it still means something to you. And it always will.

If you have to ask, you will never know

Well “never” isn’t quite right. You just don’t know yet. You don’t yet know the beauty, and sorrow, of that one book. That one book can literally change lives. That one book, can amaze, petrify, and change you.


For example, The Chaos Walking trilogy, by Patrick Ness. I recently found out that a movie is being made, by Lionsgate. I am scared no, petrified, that a film will not do these amazing books justice. I just get distraught whenever I even think about it. I know a film is a separate entity to the books, and one should never expect the movie to ever compare to the book. I know that I’ll save myself a lot of worry by thinking of the movie as a new story. As completely different to the books. But I also know that I won’t. I will get caught up on every little moment in the movie, the same as I did in the books. I know I’ll never get over this books series, and this makes me worried about the movie. How on Earth will whoever plays Todd and Viola do a good job, playing these (in my mind) iconic characters. I can’t even put a face on these characters, or at least on my interpretations of them, so how can I expect Hollywood to? And then there’s the noise. Oh Gosh, the noise. How.On.Earth.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the noise will be portrayed. I just can’t. I’m presuming there’s some Hollywood gizmo, or an editing trick, or something, anything that will allow the noise to happen. Or at least I hope so. I hope they can manage it, without taking away from the beauty, and the power in this story. The same with Manchee, and Acorn, and all the animals. They talk. How Hollywood are going to do that without making it extremely cheesy, I can’t comprehend.

I love these books. In fact, Love isn’t a strong enough word. These books moved and changed me. I can’t put into words what Chaos Walking means to me. I’ve only read them once, and unless something changes, I will probably never read them again. I have a large fear, that my memories of the trilogy are clouded, and that I’m remembering them through rose-tinted spectacles. I don’t want to reread them, because if I do, and they’re not as good as I remember, I don’t think I could live with myself, for destroying my memories of the series. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but in my mind it does. So unless something changes, or under extraordinary circumstances, I will not read the Chaos Walking trilogy ever again.

These books are just perfect, There is really no other way to describe them. The characters are perfect. Not in the sense that they’re unflawed, but in the sense that I wouldn’t change anything about any one of them. Even the villains, for example the Mayor, are perfect, because I both love them and hate them at the same time.

And as for the plot? I can’t hope to describe this plot in words. Even a brief overview would seem disrespectful to the wonder that is Chaos Walking. Let me just say, that unless you read these books, you (in my mind) won’t be as full a person as you have the potential to be. After reading Chaos Walking, my entire outlook on life was changed. Even how I thought of myself. If I ever had to do something hard, I would just think “If Todd and Viola went through that, how can I justify complaining about running?”.

I also have a fear that Chaos Walking will turn into a huge fandom, like the Hunger Games did. I have nothing against fandoms, in fact I love them. But if people start applying ships the these books, or start giving off about any aspect of these books, I wouldn’t be able to take it. I honestly wouldn’t. These books are perfect, and while I want them to be really popular, and I want them to be recognised on a world-scale, I like the rather small fandom that there is now. I like the fact that not everybody knows about these books. It makes me feel as if they’re more special, because not everybody has heard of them. It makes them seem like a secret, and while they’re obviously not, it makes them a bit more intimate. If that makes sense.

So I salute you Patrick Ness. I salute you, for giving the world Chaos Walking. Chaos Walking has forever given you the title of my favourite author.

Thank you so much.

I don’t think jazz hands are worthy of a post this serious and meaningful (To me at least), so I’ll leave them out.

So thanks for reading…


6 thoughts on “That one book

  1. I’m very cynical about the movie too. On one hand, I’m kind of excited because with the technology we have today we have a DECENT chance to making the movie as fantastic as it deserves to be. On the other hand, I don’t know if I have the faith in Hollywood to actually carry through with that.

    Oh well, we can just make do with clutching our copies of the books tightly. 🙂

  2. I love this series so much too – all the books are brilliant! It is the perfect series!
    I am also worrie about the film not iving up to the books – the film will never be as good as the boks!

    Rose-tinted spectacles are impossible for this series – they really are that good!

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