Challenge 126…

For those who don’t know, challenge 126 is (was) a 126 mile run to raise money for Special Olympics Ireland. It happened in Ireland (Whoop!) and those involved include Brian Maher, a presenter on Spin1038 (That’s a radio station) and Mike Sheridan, his friend who I know nothing about. They started on Thursday in Limerick and ran all day and all night. They arrived back in Dublin after running 126 miles (That’s five marathons by the way!) on Friday night.

You can find out more about it here, on the challenge 126 website!

Some of the runners...

These guys must be robots. They ran five marathons in nonstop. They ran for over 24 hours straight! Spin1038 called Brian Maher every hour so, to see how he was getting on, and he wasn’t even out of breath! Apparently, at some point along the run, Brian got a “spot of hypothermia”. Do you want to know what he did??

He took a twenty-minute break.

He had hypothermia, so he took a twenty-minute break. The man is a machine. End of…

126 miles. They ran 126 miles nonstop! I doubt I could run one mile nonstop! I could swim it, sure, but I highly doubt I’d be able to run it. I highly dislike running, for the simple reason that I find it immensely boring. Therefore, I try not to run, therefore I’m not very good at running. It’s fairly simple, I would quite literally die if I had to run 126 miles…

So basically, the entire point of this blog post was to complain about the fact that I’m not a runner, and to question the mechanicalness (Spell check is telling me that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway!) of the challenge 126 runners. Sometimes I wonder…

Oh, and Seán, hi. There, you got your shout out…

So until next time just remember:

Brian Maher may or may not be human, and jazz hands make everything better…


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