Bram Stoker’s 100th Death Anniversary…


I have a confession to make:

I only read Dracula yesterday.

Of course, I knew the story, and I knew the end result, but only yesterday did I feel compelled to actually read the book. Why yesterday? Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death. For any uncultured readers, Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula.

Bram Stoker

Am I ashamed that I didn’t read it sooner? Yes.

Do I regret my laziness? Not one bit!

I feel, that if I had read it when I was younger, I wouldn’t have fully been able to appreciate the brilliance of Stoker’s masterpiece. Because it is a masterpiece, and it’s definitely brilliant…

It’s clear why Dracula has stood the test of time, and why it’s still as revered today as it was the day it was written.

Dracula is an epic tale, full of suspense and mystery. From Jonathan Harker’s terrifying journey, to Lucy Westenra’s horrifying ordeal, to the unforgettable final showdown in the shadow of Castle Dracula, the story never slows down or lets up. It’s an extremely long book, and it is a remarkable feat that there’s not one anticlimactic moment through out the course of it.

I can’t hope to have an opinion on Dracula that hasn’t already been voiced over the 120 or so years since it was published, but here’s what I think of it:

Dracula’s popularity, and its effect on the culture and society, was no fluke. It is a powerful novel, and this is evident in the way it has lasted. To quote Charlotte Stoker, “No novel is comparable in originality or terror”.

Plus Dracula doesn’t sparkle…

So until next time just remember:

Dracula trumps Twilight any day, and Jazz hands make everything better…


2 thoughts on “Bram Stoker’s 100th Death Anniversary…

  1. Well, you are way ahead of me. I’ve never read the book, and I don’t even dare tell you how many years I’ve spent in this world. Clearly, it is time for me to read this classic. Thanks for pushing me there. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it!

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