I find this slightly strange…

These are the search terms that brought people to the blog this week.

  • Jeff Blim
  • jeff Blim starkid
  • holy musical b@man review
  • holy musical b@man
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty candy
  • joey Richter holy musical batman
  • Josh Hutcherson paparazzi
  • Tom Felton (How many pages would you have to search through to find this blog with that search??)
  • Willow Shields
  • Starkid
  • Let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin
  • one liners from Effie trinket
  • peer pressure in mockingjay (I’m as confused as you are…)
  • Josh hutcherson getting hassled by paparazzi
  • what part did Lauren Lopez play in holy musical b@man
  • holy musical batman joey Richter
  • jazz hands make everything better (It’s catching on!)
  • willow shields kaç yaşında (I have no idea…)
  • holy musical b@man knee-high converse
  • starkid jeff blim
  • holy musical b@man sweet tooth pun list
  • knee-high converse holy musical b@man
  • joey Richter holy musical batman not (WHY that word order??)
  • now that holy musical b@man is over what next
  • nick lang, holy b@tman musical
  • holy musical b@man candy
  • review holy musical b@man
  • who does Lauren Lopez play in holy musical batman
  • who played sweet tooth in holy musical batman?
  • what happened to joey Richter batman
  • holy musical b@man underwear
  • Jaime as candy starkid
  • holy musical batman review
  • “Lauren Lopez”
  • dodgy countdown (??)
  • who plays batman’s dad in holy musical b@man
  • why was joey Richter not in holy musical b@man
  • one direction status for Facebook (I’m slightly ashamed that that’s linked to my blog…)
  • Seneca Crane beard jokes
  • CHCF Hunger games
  • Irish someecards
  • Tron Pittacus
  • Johanna mason casting
  • Johanna Mason open casting call
  • Josh Hutcherson only has on leg (??)
  • someecards One Direction (Again, ashamed…)
  • Wilfred Owen cynical (??)
  • Auditions for Skullduggery Pleasant… (It had to happen eventually…)

It seems there’s several common themes…

I apologise for this sad excuse for a post, but I’m back to school now, so I don’t have much time. I’ll make it up to you with this funny picture of a distressed penguin…


So until next time just remember:
Apparently I’m now a fandom blog, and jazz hands make everything better…


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