Holy Musical B@man!

Holy Musical B@man!

AVPM, MAMD, AVPS, just when I thought Team Starkid was as totally awesome as possible, they bring out Holy Musical B@man!

Holy Musical B@man is EPIC! There’s no other word for, it it’s simply epic. Well, it’s also amazing, hilarious, punderful (yes, that’s a word now) and supermegafoxyawesomehot (I love how I’ve thought spellcheck to recognise that). So really, there’s a lot of words that could describe it (Three cheers for hypocrisy! *cheer, cheer, cheer*)

Seriously though, it’s extremely punderful. Only Starkid could make the following exchanges funny:

“We heard you were hatching a scheme Egghead!

We’ve cracked the case!

It’s over. Yeah, over-easy!


I was a bit apprehensive at first about the whole “Batman” theme. I’ve never seen Batman, and I don’t really know anything about it, other than what I’ve gleaned from tumblr. But all my worrying was for nothing, trust me when I say, you don’t need to know a THING about Batman to enjoy this musical.

Ok, now for the music. Oh the music, I know I’ve gushed about the Starkids’ musical talent before, but I’m going to do so again anyway.

It’s indescribable, how catchy these songs are. I’ve been singing them nonstop since 5am this morning, when I finished watching it. I’ve only watched it once, yet the music is already firmly rooted in my brain. There’s just something about Team Starkid that makes it the most spirit-lifting music. I mean, who can help but sing along, and feel happy at “Superfriends”? You would have to be MAD not to love that song!

Speaking of mad, let’s get to the villains. Sweet-Tooth is one creepily impressive guy. He’s played by a brand new Starkid, called Jeff Blim. Let me just tell you, he is thoroughly deserving of his membership of Team Starkid. And as for Sweet tooth, how is it possible to fit that much candy in one pink suit jacket? And how many pockets were in that thing?! I liked (though I probably shouldn’t have) Jaime Lyn Beatty’s character, Candy. She’s just one of those characters, I guess. Hmmmm, what other villains were there? Well, the aforementioned Egghead, was pretty good. Oh, Calender Man, was pretty awesome! He was played by (The epic) Lauren Lopez, and he (she?) also had quite a few puns up his (her?) sleeve!

“Calender man, your days are numbered!

Well well, looks like today‘s not your lucky day!

Boxing day’s coming early! I’m going to punch you week-lings into next month!

Come at me you April Fool!”

As for the heroes, I know Batman’s the main character, but personally, I prefer superman. I know from reading some of the YouTube comments, that I’m not the only one, but just to let everyone know, I liked him before he was played by Brian Holden. Just sayin’…

Batman was played by Joe Walker, and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I was looking forward to actually have him star in a musical with his actual voice, but after seeing it, I take that back. I like his Batman voice… He was brilliant as Voldemort, he was amazing as Umbridge, and he was epic as Batman.

Robin was even better though…

Played by Nick Lang, he was excellent. He was that character that you can’t help laughing at, even when he’s just standing there. I meant that as a good thing, but I’m not sure it came out right. So just for the record, I DON’T THINK ROBIN SUCKS! (You’ll need to see the musical, to get that!) He also has some extremely awesome green, winged Converses…

Just to point this out, Team Starkid must have cleared out several stores of all their knee-high Converses, and underwear… I’m not sure if I’m the only one who noticed that, but just for the record, I want those Converses. Watch it and you shall understand…

What else? Ah yes, the one disappointment, Joey Richter did not make an appearance. I. Was.Gutted…

That’s about it for now, so until next time just remember:

ONLY Starkid can make egg puns epic, and jazz hands make everything better…


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