A Very Potter Musical…

A Very Potter Musical, by Team Starkid!

For those that don’t know, A Very Potter Musical is a fan made musical, by a group of super-awesome people called Team Starkid. These amazing people, took one long hard look at the Harry Potter fandom, and decided to blow our minds, by making a musical. Well probably. They could have just been really bored or something, I just made that last bit up…

But they did make a musical. They made an awesome musical. Totally awesome even. Maybe even supermegafoxyawesomehot…

That’s beside the point (Though it is totally awesome).

The point is, I’m trying to review it, and it’s awesomeness is getting in the way.

 Basically, this musical is one of the best things that ever happened to HP fandom, apart from the books themselves (obviously). To briefly describe it, it’s a musical that mashes up a few of the plots from a few of the books, starkidifys them (yes that is a word), and adds in some of the most totally awesome music known to fandoms.

Starring Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Gruesen, (the totally awesome) Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, and too many others to list, A Very Potter Musical has been up on YouTube, for about 2 years now.

Darren Criss is a brilliant Harry, Joey Richter as Ron, was really really good, as was Bonnie Gruesen as Hermoine, but they’re not the real star sof the show (sorry!).

Joey Richter, Darren Criss and Bonnie Gruesen as Ron, Harry and Hermoine

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m huge (That’s right, bold and italic… *gasp*) Lauren Lopez fan. She had all the best lines, and she really delivered.S he’s an amazing Draco Malfoy, and I don’t think I can write (type?) anything here that can stress that enough. I for one, would love to see her and Tom Felton have a chat some day…

Another amazing performance (*trying to sound like a quality reviewer*) was that of Brian Rosenthal as Professor Quirrell and Joe Walker as Voldemort. They also had more than their fair share of great lines, and to put it bluntly, they were brilliant. Before watching AVPM, it never even crossed my mind to ship Quirrelmort, but now I do. They’re just that awesome.

Brian Rosenthal and Joe Walker as Professor Quirrell and Voldemort.

Joe Moses as Snape was absurdly awesome in every way. Thanks to Dylan Saunders, since watching AVPM, I have never been able to read the word “Dumbledore” without seeing the High School Musical shirt.

The Shirt...

Then there’s the music. Though “music” seems like too mainstream a word for it. These are possibly the catchiest songs you will ever hear, and I assure you, you will find yourself humming them at the most inappropriate of times. “Voldemort is goin’ down” at a funeral anybody? I’ve done that…

I’ve already signed two petitions over the past two years (more of a crumpled sheet with a few illegible names on it really) to have AVPM be our school musical. The first time the teachers just laughed and kicked us out of the staff room, but the second time, they actually bothered to look Team Starkid up online. Unfortunately, if we put on the musical, they (and the school) might get sued, so I guess that means no Potterness for my school*sob*.

So I’m about done with this post now. Spell check is telling me at least half od the words in this post are spelt “wrong”, and also, I think I’ve said awesome far too much, but that’s how it’s going to be. Oh, and here are the links to the musicals (Yes plural, there’s a sequel!) themselves:

A Very Potter Musical, Act 1 Part 1

A Very Potter Sequel, Act 1 Part 1

So check them out! There’s a bit of language in them, and your granny may not appreciate some of the humour, but I for one, find them hilarious!

So until next time just remember:

You can’t just GO to Pigfarts, and jazz hands make everything better…


8 thoughts on “A Very Potter Musical…

  1. You have a spelling error in your sentence that talks about spell check, haha 😛 No seriously, awesome article! Starkid IS awesome. Although, I’m regretting it. I only discovered them a month ago (the 18th of March to be exact) 😥 So I’m full of fresh-obsession and yes, have been screaming my lungs out to their songs all day every day… 😀

  2. I watched the first few scenes of AVPM in 2011 but I never really got into it so I just kinda stopped….then on December 23, 2011, my friend (who was a huge fan) sat me down and we watched most of AVPM and when she left I watched the rest of it myself and then AVPS too. Long story short, I LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!! and I was mad at myself for not watching it sooner. Now I’ve seen all the Starkid productions but one (MAMD) and I love them all. Even last night I watched Holy Musical B@man and I was view 74 (yay me) even though I had no previous Batman knowledge. Lol I’ve been rambleing. What I’m trying to say is that I love AVPM/S and obvs Harry Potter and I’m really hope that they get around to making AVPT this year. 🙂

      • LOLOL I found HMB to be okay. Not the best. I mean, it was clever and some jokes were pretty funny, but it wasn’t as laugh-out-loud as AVPM/S or even Starship was. However, Joe Walker as a great Batman and Brian Holden was a great Superman…and also Chris Allen was back (yay!) but overall, I think it wasn’t Starkid’s best…

      • Yeah, but there was NO way it was going to be as good as AVPM OR AVPS etc…
        It was still brilliant though! I thought Brian Holden ws great, as well as Joe Walker, and the new guy, Jeff Blim was great as Sweet Tooth!

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