What’s wrong with Paddy’s day…

Paddy’s day. The one day of the year that the whole world celebrates that fact that their cousin’s, sister’s, dog’s, godmother’s great-great grandmother is kind of Irish. Yeah it’s great and the leaning tower of Pisa was green and all, but I still hate Paddy’s day.

I hate the parade. Well, the one we go to is a sad excuse for a parade. It’s the local over fifties club, and the girl-guides walking down the road beside a 60-year-old tractor.

So now it’s time for some lists, about Ireland, and Paddy’s day in general.

Why I don’t like Paddy’s day.

  • Too much fake enthusiasm required.
  • I’m far too cynical.
  • I hate tradition Irish music, and on Paddy’s weekend, I can’t seem to get away from it.
  • It always rains, but I still have to stand on the side of a street for hours, watching the aforementioned over 50s club.
  • Everyone’s always WAAAAAY too happy…
  • Whenever I walk into a shop, my eyes are assaulted by all the cheap green hats/flags etc.
  • I inevitably get hit in the face with some sort of flag.
  • Too much family time.

Why I do like Paddy’s day.

  • Green is my favourite colour.
  • I get to break lent (No lent does NOT deserve a capital letter!)
  • It’s a day off school and swimming.

Ok, so I don’t like Paddy’s day. This post seems too short to finish now, so now I’m going to pop up a few funny photos which involve cats. Please read the captions in the most sarcastic voice possible…

There's nothing funnier then food with facial expressions...

How funny. It’s a feline banker joke…

This is comedy…So that’s it. I’m sure you found this blog post as absolutely hilarious as I did…

So until next time just remember :

Paddy’s day is just an excuse for everyone to think they’re Irish, and Jazz hands make everything better…


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Paddy’s day…

  1. My neighbour is from Norn Iron. His youngest son is called Patrick. I suppose after four older boys the ran out of names. It’s a nice name.
    You want to try Norway on 17th May. The closest (to you) is Liverpool where the Norwegians do it as best they can.

  2. It’s actually amazing how often that name is chosen as a first name, confirmation name etc…
    And what’s on May 17th?
    I’m not sure whether I should feel stupid or not for not knowing that…

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