Score one to Peer-Pressure…

Maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve added a new page. Well actually, I was sat down at gunpoint and forced to add a new page. Not really, it was much worse. Two of my friends decided that the page section was looking a bit bare, so they took my copy of the Hunger Games hostage, until I gave in.

So I gave in. I mean they had my Hunger Games. My Hunger Games!

That’s a cruel and unusual form of punishment, and nobody should ever have to go through it. It was horrible. I’m told my eyebrow started twitching when friend number one started reading it. In my defense, it was an extremely traumatic experience for me. Why? Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m obsessed with the Hunger games.

But moving on…

I heard some extremely upsetting news yesterday. About a month ago, I discovered that one of my best friends hadn’t read Harry Potter. How can you live in the twenty-first century and not have read Harry Potter!? So I leant her my copy of the last book, as she had seen the other movies. Do you know what she did? She didn’t read it, she just looked at the last page to see who won! How horrendous it that?!

How could somebody do such a thing. By doing that, you deprive yourself of the suspense, the worry, and the joy that comes with reading a book for the first time.

Then, when I told her that what she did was wrong, she thought I was being sarcastic, and she laughed! Laughed!

Okay deep breaths. Probably, nobody cares about this as much as me, but I think it’s worth a complaint. So there, I complained.

So until next time here’s the link to my new page, and don’t forget, Jazz hands make everything better…


6 thoughts on “Score one to Peer-Pressure…

  1. I personally think that in the case of Harry Potter, you lose out on so much if you haven’t read the books. They’re honestly some of the best adapted movies I’ve ever seen in regards to being as true to the books as possible, but there’s so much more emotion and character description in the books that adds to the experience of the story.
    When I went to see the final movie with my boyfriend, I had read every book more than a few times and he had simply only seen the movies. He was so confused at the end when certain characters at the end perished in the final fight and I was bawling my eyes out. He couldn’t understand why I was so upset because they weren’t very important characters.
    That’s when I realized that the people who have only seen the movies and never read the books didn’t understand how engrained all the characters were to the story line and to Harry himself and what it mean to lose them in the battle.
    I really just made me very sad. I keep encouraging people to read the books (and simply just to read in general) but I keep finding that more and more people just don’t read anymore.

    • I had the same problem, my family didn’t realise why I cared that the movies were slightly different to the books, and that certain characters were left out all together (Peeves!), none of them having read the books…

      • Peeves was a HUGE loss to the movies because it would have brought a lot of humour along. Also, I was really upset that Sirius never sent Ron Pigwidgeon!!

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