I honestly have nothing else to blog about…

Today I’m being lazy. I have decided, and it’s too late to change my mind.

My schedule for today.

10:30  ~  Get up

11:00  ~  Troop downstairs, still in my pyjamas, and proceed with lying on the couch.

12:00  ~  Tell mother, who is going to a funeral “Yeah you go ahead, I’ll be fine here. I’m watching TV, WHAT CAN HAPPEN??”

15:00  ~  Movie number two finishes. I get up off the couch.

16:00  ~  Start typing.

17:00  ~ Probably back to the couch. Maybe a nap or something.

19:00  ~  Definetely a nap.

23:00  ~  Get annoyed whan I can’t fall asleep, because I’ve done nothing but slump all day.

Sounds like a rave doesn’t it? But in my defence, I think I’m allowed one lazy day. Right? I mean I’ve been (kind of) studying non-stop (ish) for a month of two. I deserve a break! I deserve a rest! I deserve to stay on the couch for three of four hours, watching questionable sci-fy movies!

There was a very creepy scene, when he was scaring a little boy in a car, but I can't seem to find a picture...

Well, actually they weren’t that questionable. “I am number four”, which is based on the book by Pittacus Lore, and “Tron Legacy”, which was just plain bad. I actually got pretty annoyed though, because “I am number four” was very different to the book. I mean very different. Though the main Mogadorian, was very creepy. There’s something about obviously fake cheerfulness that freaks me out.

I won’t reveal the ending of the film, but I must say, I like that “six” character. She seems pretty cool.
*I can’t believe I just used the word “cool” in a post. Now my worst suspicions have been confirmed, and I sound like a nine-year-old, writing a story.
Sorry about that!
That’s about it for now, so until next time just remember:
If you ever need to scare me, you can try some fake cheerfulness, but I will probably fight you off with my jazz hands.

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