Turning Fanatic…

I am officially a hypocrite. Well, kind of…

Why am I a hypocrite?

Well my mocks are finished (Whoop!) and I am officially in reading mode. On Friday night, I read the latest Timeriders book, “Gates of Rome”, by Alex Scarrow, and I started rereading (for the third time) the first Hunger Games book, by Suzanne Collins. Yesterday, I finished “The Hunger Games”, and also read “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay”, the second and third Hunger games books, also by Suzanne Collins. Today, I started reading Department 19, by Will Hill.

So why is this hypocritical?

 Because I am now vaguely obsessed with the Hunger Games.

As many of you probably know, The Hunger Games movie, is coming out on the 23rd of March. I have a countdown calendar made. This morning, I wasted the end of my Christmas Amazon vouchers, ordering the companion guides to the series. I spent the morning on YouTube, watching the trailers, and interviews with the cast. I even (don’t judge me!) considered applying for a part in the second movie, which led to looking up casting directors and headshots. Then I came to my senses.

This is really worrying to me, as in a previous post, I slated my friend for being obsessed with one of the actors in the film. While I’m not quite obsessed with any of the cast yet, at this rate, it can’t be long.

But it’s not that I’m obsessed in a bad way. I just want to make sure that the films do justice to the books. It would kill me, and probably many others, of the films were a let down, or didn’t live up to the books, or the hype. Because there is a lot of hype.

In fact, it would be almost impossible for them to be as good as everyone’s saying they will be. It will probably turn out to be like the Harry Potter movies, no matter how good they turn out to be, everyone will complain anyway, and say they’re an insult to the books.

What I’m saying is, I don’t want the books to be tainted, because of a bad movie. I don’t want to be reading the books, and suddenly start imagining the actors/actresses. I want the books to be my experience, to be my images, because the books belong to the readers. To the reader’s imagination. It’s for the readers to decide what the books look like, what the characters look like, and that shouldn’t be taken away.

For instance, my favourite character in the books, is Johanna Mason. She’s not in the first movie (I think), well she wasn’t in the first book, just mentioned. But she is in the second and third. And I swear, if whoever plays her in the movies, doesn’t do her justice, I will write a strongly worded post about it, and maybe write a letter. Yes that’s right, I’ll be that angry!

So I’m saying this now, if I ever write a bestseller, that earns me millions of millions of euros, there probably won’t be a movie. I’m sorry, but it’s my decision. If (when) I am actually in this situation, I can guarantee this post will come back to haunt me. Because I will be in this situation. I will. I will…

So I’m going to take a lie down now, and wait for this fit of fanaticalniss (spell check tells me that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway) to wear off.

So until next time just remember:

I am officially a hypocrite, and Jazz hands make everything better.


3 thoughts on “Turning Fanatic…

  1. Make that fanaticalness.

    I can no longer remember what Lupin looked like before the film. But I loved him.

    And I fought long and hard against Inspector Wycliffe, and kept the books separate for a long time, remembering the book image. Can’t keep that up forever, though.

    Dear Cynical, you’ll want to play Valkyrie Cain next…

  2. Well if I say so myself, I would be perfect for the part. I have dark hair, and I love the books sooooooo much!!!!!!! Please pick me!!!!! Does anybody have any information on the auditions!!!!!

    Just if anybody is reading this and thinks I’m a freak, I’m being sarcastic…

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