Caplocks overload…

“Caplocks overload?” you may be asking. I’m referring to my Facebook news-feed (If you don’t know what that is, you can’t be living in the 21st century!), both today and last night.  There were three status’ on repeat. (And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.)

  1. How AMAZING was the One Direction concert last night???? Did you see when they..??? And when they…??? And when  that happened!? OMIGOSH I ALMOST DIED!!!!! ❤ ❤ xxx
  2. OMIGOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE I COULDN’T GET TICKETS!!!! MOM I HATE YOU!!! I’m here crying over my computer while I’m watching their videos OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Yes, that’s how obsessed some people get. I’d like to say it was just the girls, but I’m afraid I can’t. And by that last sentence, I am in no way implying homophobia. But yes, for those who don’t know, or like myself don’t care, One Direction were in the Dublin O2 last night. And for those who don’t  know who One Direction are…

There’s the one with the hair.

The Irish one.

The other one with the hair.

And two others who are kind of forgettable. Ah who am I kidding? They’re all forgettable!

But yes, One Direction infection (as I’m told it’s called) hit Dublin hard last night. The way I see it they’re like a monument to mainstream music. But the way some of my friend see it…

  • They’re perfectly perfect in every way.
  • They’re so perfect, it’s ok to spend a few hundred Euros on merchandise.
  • They’re so perfect, it’s ok to buy their dolls, even when you’re 14/15.
  • They’re so perfect, it’s perfectly acceptable to take two days off school for their concert, a week before the mocks. That’s one day off to get ready, and one day off to get over the disappointment of not getting proposed to by the one with the hair.

It’s times like this which just remind me how weird and obsessed some teenage girls (and boys) can be.

I’m going to stop writing about this now, so until next time just remember:

Maybe if One Direction threw in some Jazz hands, I’d consider not complaining about them.


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