A very awkward hello…

“Why is this hello awkward?” you may ask.

This hello is awkward for two reasons. One is that I don’t have any followers yet. This makes the hello awkward for the rather obvious reason that nobody’s reading it. So I’m writing to myself. Brilliant.

But that’s only one reason. The other, and probably the one that will go away quickest (if that makes sense), is that this is the very first blog post that I have ever written. So for that reason, and that reason alone, please go easy on me.

My first blog. And a highly cynical one at that. I don’t promise to remain highly cynical though, because I’ll probably just forget. Just thought I’d warn you.  For those who don’t know what cynical means, basically it’s that I complain about everything. Or at least that’s my definition of it. And that’s the definition that I’ll be using. So deal with it.

“So what’s this blog going to be about?” you may ask.

This blog is about everything and anything. Basically whatever’s current, whatever’s in the news, whatever people are talking about will be cynically blogged about. There will be plenty of anecdotes, plenty of grumpy thoughts, and above all lots of bad jokes and jazz hands.

Today though, I’m not going to moan, gripe or do anything cynical. Because as I’ve mentioned before, and as you’ve probably ascertained from the title, this blog post is about introducing myself and my blog to the internet. And possibly to smart TVs and mobile phones aswell. But then again, probably not.

But I’m definitely not going to use an emoticon. Emoticons are one of the many downsides of texting, blogging, and anything that requires typing. I’ve even seen people write emoticons. With a pen and paper. I mean COME ON, that’s just over the line. Emoticons are not good. Especially not on paper people. Seriously. Oh that’s right, I’m sorry, nobody takes you seriously when you use emoticons. So don’t. Also, a smiley face doesn’t exactly scream cynical. So I won’t be using one.

Well one gripe. That’s not too bad.

 So until next time just remember:

Emoticons are bad and jazz hands make everything better.


8 thoughts on “A very awkward hello…

  1. OMG, I can’t believe Bookwitch came here and used an emoticon!

    Hello, Kate, and let me tell you that that was a GREAT first blog post. I smiled a big smile twice, and that’s twice more than most blog posts make me smile, except Bookwitch’s. She’s trained you well.

    I’m slightly concerned that you’re planning to be grumpy, though, because I am in charge of grumpy. Ok?

    Seriously, enjoy your blog and may lots of people read it.

  2. Nicola, I think you could do with a grumpy apprentice. We need to make sure there is a supply for the future.
    Hmph. No sooner do I learn to do those emoticons, but I have to give them up…
    ‘s not fair. At all.

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